Where Your Money Goes


The doorbell rang, and when she got there, no one was at at the door. A figured darted away into the distance, and she heard a small whimper. When she looked down, she saw a sweet puppy, alone in a box, and covered in sores. Her hair was missing in places and she had scabs on her body. She knew she had to immediately ensure she received care, and brought her to us.

When we saw Kelly, we immediately recognized her condition. Hot skin, scabs, hair loss there was no doubt in our mind this sweet girl was suffering from scabies. We provided her medication, care, a soft place to lay down and warm food to eat.

And today, you can provide Kelly and the hundreds of animals who come into our care each year abandoned and needing specialized medical care a place where they can turn when they thought they had no where. By walking in the Walk for the Animals, you can ensure they are not forgotten.

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