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Ember and Flame

A week before Mother’s Day, Ember lost her entire newborn litter. She was devastated. She was brought into the Atlanta Humane Society for a second chance and had no idea that someone would come into the shelter in need of her as much as she needed him.

Flame was orphaned. He had lost his mom and was all alone. He weighed half of what he should have and was desperately in need of someone to step up and care for him. A kind person brought him to the Atlanta Humane Society to ensure he’d get the care he deserved.

And that’s when it happened.

When our staff saw Flame in such need of a mom, and Ember in such need of comfort after loosing her own kids, they knew they had to introduce them.

What happened was an immediate bond. Ember started to groom Flame, encouraging him to eat and watched carefully over him. The two cuddled up with each other and were immediately inseparable.

The two healed together in an AHS foster home and bonded more and more each day. When they were ready for adoption, we knew we couldn't separate them and did everything we could to find them a home together. And, then, one day, a wonderful family came in to take them home... together.

When you join us at the Walk for the Animals, you make stories like this possible. Your support brings families together and helps animals find love just when they thought they had lost everything in their lives.

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